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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

“Health Challenges: Not a Death Sentence (Health Challenges in People of Color)


I wanted to let you all know about an upcoming event that I may be attending at a new museum in right here in our area. I didn't know anything about this museum until two days ago and it's within a 10 minute drive from my house! I'm definitely taking a tour soon. Anyway, check out the info below. The information below was actually obtained from a press release for the LATIBAH Collard Green Museum. I enourage all who can attend to attend. I'm sure it will be quite informative!

Charlotte's newest history museum, LATIBAH Collard Green Museum, is proud to partner with local agencies to present a health-related, discussion symposium on some of these major health challenges of people of color. This event is presented not only as an urgent ‘need-to-know’ matter, but also in tribute to National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Panelist from: Community Health Intervention & Sickle Cell Agency, Carolinas CARE Partnership, C. W. Williams Community Health Center, and Mecklenburg County Health Department will discuss the critical health needs concerning ‘the daily practices of what we eat and how we live that impact the prevention and cure of major health concerns’ specifically sickle cell disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. Other local health agencies have been invited to be on-hand to share materials and vital information on this important issue that will assist us all to be healthier.

This program is FREE to the public and will be presented during the “LATIBAH Talk” Black issues lecture-discussion series entitled “Health Challenges: Not a Death Sentence” on Friday, December 3 @ 7-8pm at the ArtHouse Center for Creative Expression  in the NoDa area. .


LATIBAH is the acronym for "L.ife A.nd T.imes I.n B.lack A.merican H.istory". The  LATIBAH Collard Green Museum is a history museum comprised of a collection of installations, exhibits and artifacts of fine art and cultural history. The museum covers key historical eras from the enslavement of Africans through the American systems of slavery, reconstruction, and integration to the 44th President of the U.S.A.

The LATIBAH Museum is the anchor tenant in the ArtHouse Center for Creative Expression - NoDa located at 3103 Cullman Ave. - off 36th St. [‘cross the RR tracks] between North Davidson St and North Tryon St. To gain a more complete sense of the museum’s year-and-a-half growth and development, please visit the website.

Tip of the Day-Diversify

Surrounding yourself around people that are different than you helps you to become a well rounded person. Finding someone who has different beliefs than you and honestly trying to understand their view points helps you to be more sympathetic and understanding. Getting to know people of different backgrounds not only makes you wiser, but it also build relationships and partnerships. The word "diversity" means variety. I truly believe that in order to succeed in this world and to grow as a person, we must have a variety of resources and a variety of people in our lives. We should all seek to meet and interact with people that are different than us.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Save $$ Using Coupons

My new favorite hobby is saving money!!! How am I saving money? By doing something SMART women have been doing for YEARS; using coupons! Yes, coupons! Sounds frugile? Like something old women do? Well say what you want....I've saved over $100 in less than a week (yes I said ONE week) simply by clipping coupons and using them only when an item is on sale. I've saved money on groceries, cosmetics, household items; even dog food! Thanks to Jenny over at, for keeping me updated with what's on sale and the best places to use coupons. She can even tell you how to get FREE stuff. And what fabulous mom doesn't like FREE!

Times are hard for most of us in this economy. If you're like me and looking for ways to save money, using coupons it it! Take a moment to check out I promise you, it's worth it!!